Why Thumb Drives Represent Significant Opportunities for Marketing

Why Thumb Drives Represent Significant Opportunities for Marketing

The term thumb drive is used in reference to a flash drive, also known as jump drive. It is a portable hard drive that is also reusable and measures the size of a gum-pack. This electronic storage gadget can be carried in the pocket easily, worn as a necklace around the neck or even utilized as a key chain. Some USB flash drives are built into a pen, with the jump drive being concealed safely inside the writing tool.

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The USB flash drives plug into a USB port of any computer and are built typically to hold data of between 64MB and 2GB in size. Flash drives have appreciated in significance nowadays since storage capacities have increased, especially with the rapid increase of USB-enabled computers. Flash drive marketing is a direct result of the importance attained by these devices in recent time. Forward-thinking marketing professionals continue to embrace the evolution of jump drives as effective tools for their practice.

Delivering Branded Products to Clients

A thumb drive can get stamped with the company-logo, which has made custom logo USB drives favorites for conventions and trade shows. Certain companies are even awarding their key clients and prospects with these branded flash drives. It makes their brand more prominent whenever someone spots it while transferring files or backing up documents. Business entities can conduct this exercise as a way of adding value to their products while marketing them at the same time.

Delivering Branded Products having Targeted Messages

A lot of savvy marketers are taking advantage of the storage capacities of these compact gadgets to deliver their message effectively. Jump drives can get pre-loaded with music, video, data or other kind of content. The storage devices can as well be setup for auto-running marketing messages or loading specific websites once inserted into computers. Clients can continue using the flash drive and storing data alongside pre-loaded content. Business corporations stand to gain from branded products and targeted messaging simultaneously by making use of custom logo USB flash drives carrying pre-loaded messages or presentations.

Providing Academic Materials Using Flash Drives

Schools can also avail to incoming students thumb drives featuring details of their brand colors and mascot when providing them handbooks along with the materials required for their courses. Students can continue using the jump drives for storing and transferring data all through the school year.

Offering Links to Additional Online Content

Design and creative agencies are capable of providing multi-media portfolios that carry links to additional internet-based content.

The concept of delivering marketing messages using a thumb drive began some time ago. This was when manufacturers of automobiles offered flash drives pre-loaded with presentations which touted the various features present in their latest models. This idea appears to have been adopted by all kinds of companies. Large, medium as well as small-sized firms and organizations across diverse industries are now turning to flash drive marketing as a way of communicating their messages. Professionals involved in marketing are bound to continue finding innovative and special ways of utilizing the concept of jump drive marketing.

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